Are you an Indian, who is worth fighting for?

The phone rang & he said, “I got my orders”

I need to leave, I am required at the borders!

Together they proceeded singing songs of valor,

Don’t test our limits, “The Surgical Strike” was just a trailer!

Those were 40 brave men we lost,

and for this cowardly act you will pay a huge cost!

While we remember them with wet eyes,

some ‘pseudo intellectuals’ say, “Hate is not the answer guys”!

What security forces do in Kashmir, is a violation of human rights they say,

Those who pelt stones at our soldiers, for their security only they stay!

Gone are the days when we used to stay quiet and condemn,

It would only take a few low flying Indian Airforce jets to instill the “fear of Gods and India” in them!

Hello everyone!

I hope you all are doing great. I know I had been off from this platform since months as was busy (probably the excuse every other Mumbaikar gives). But took some time off from the schedule, cause after that horrific incident which took place on 14th February, a thousand things were going on in my mind. I came across young people who barely know about what’s happening in Kashmir and still had the audacity to give statements like “It happens, it’s normal, get over it. Who knows if our soldiers also kill their people through these kinds of attacks”. To be honest I was pissed off to the core. But I always believed that it is stupid to argue with stupids, so in reply just said “please leave before I slap you”.

I can write a thousand things but want to keep it short. I gave this name to the post because I read this line somewhere (want to do something for the Indian army? – be an Indian who is worth fighting for). I was really moved by these lines and decided to write this post.

Some so called “Broad minded celebrities” after the incident took place said that, ‘hate is not the answer’. To them I would like to say, what if I come to your house and slap your husband. Would you still live by the statement you gave and give me flowers instead of retaliating? I bet your answer will “No” (“Double Standards”, nevermind its common in India and I have made peace with the same)

People from various industries like bollywood and sports have time and again said that keep us away from these things and its not right that we ban celebrities from Pakistan on account of tensions on the border. I would like to bring to the notice of all of you that, the same celebrities (Ali Zafar, Shahid Afridi etc) actually supported the statement which their prime minister Imran khan gave after the attack. And I would like to say that it is not wrong on their part because:

“They stand with their government and country,

ask yourself are you standing with yours?”

I pray that the souls of those brave men who lost their lives in the attack Rest in Peace.

I would like to end this post with a couple of lines I wrote, and which always give me goosebumps whenever I read them.

No writer could write such a beautiful love story,

His wife waited endlessly at the gate while he gave his life for that heavenly Glory!!”


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