Something Just Like This!!….

LOVE by definition means a feeling of affection, but I think it has a much broad sense.

In my perception love is a very loaded word. It signifies different things to different people.

To some love is passion, to some it is a warm bed. To some it is finding similar personalities while to some it is about accepting differences.To some it is cuddling with each other and to some it is struggling (growing) with each other. To some it is enjoying someone’s bright and humorous side while to some it is knowing the other person’s dark side. To some it is constant support, and to some it is an escape from the hardships on this hell. To some it is travelling exotic locations with their better half and to some it is as simple as walking down the lane with each other under blue skies. To some people it is sacrifice, and to some there resides a relief in the other person’s shiny eyes.

My notion about love is very simple and that notion is visible in this picture.


If you didn’t get it completely, I’ll just give a brief elaboration.

For me love is as simple as having a cup of coffee on a hilltop in a serene environment with my better half in our sixties away from the chaos of this world, laughing and discussing about anything while I admire her beauty, which would probably be magnified due to the sun kissed effect of sun rays falling on her bright face. Meanwhile I smile at her, just thinking in my mind “Despite all the hardships we still made it, thank you for handling this weird guy for most part of your life.” Yes this is what is love for me “Making it through with each other”


One more important thing which I would like to say is please save our environment and its serenity or else I would be deprived of that blissful feeling. :-/ :-p

Image Sources: pixabay & google

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