Someday, Sometime!!

“Maybe someday, sometime I’ll find an answer to it!!”, a thought by which I convinced myself in my perturbed mind as always, while I was busy reinvigorating, gazing at this beautiful sunrise in my hometown.Screenshot (33)

It was a beautiful morning and I went for a walk. The cold breeze felt pleasing. This serene view and the bliss of solitude once again ignited my mind and sowed new seeds of contemplation. This aforementioned thought might have been an answer to questions which I generally used to contemplate on, and i.e. “Why I’m running?”,”Is this all a pointless pursuit?”, “Is it even worth it?”

We all get so deeply involved and soaked up in this rat race, that we never realize we spend our whole lives exhausting ourselves to the core, living a repetitive lifestyle just to give meaning to the definition of ‘success’ given by society, by being in a needless and a stupid competition of  “getting better than others.” We all at some point in our lives have been mulling over these questions to seek the answers to them on a random night but as always continue on the same path the very next morning. But this morning was slightly different, as this time I didn’t wanted to accept this as an answer to these doubts of mine. I went on thinking, while clicking some pictures of the heavenly view.

Suddenly I realized the sun was completely on top and biting with its heat, it was the time to go, and yet again I procrastinated and convinced myself…

“Maybe someday, sometime I’ll find an answer.”

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