Mumbai – The City That Never Sleeps

Kasa kai Mumbai? This verse is for all the lovely Mumbaikars, I bet we all who live in this city feel this way.

They call it the city of dreams,
Doesn’t matter day or night the roads scream!
A city where 20 million people stay,
Even if a stranger they at least address you with a hey!
Gives you a lifestyle most people would die to live,
But people here so busy that they forgot they have a life to live!
Be it the local train serial blasts or the havoc of 2008,
This city rises every time despite their hate!
Another beautiful thing is its monsoon,
Delightful to see Ganpati immersion with people chanting come back soon!
Who doesn’t admires the beauty of marine drive,
As its the Financial Capital, continuous growth is what people thrive!
Tall buildings stand with arrogance,
Infinite clubs to enjoy nightlife and dance!
The city has everything from red carpets to slums,
Sad to see its youth smoking weed, poisoning their lungs!
The safest city for females,
Because here we don’t find ogling males!
Girls here aren’t forced to become wives,
As this city is far from stereotypes!
Different people some rich some poor,
But she doesn’t let you sleep hungry if you are a doer!
People until asked for don’t poke their nose into,
But if they see something wrong they can cut you in two!
Buildings here touch the sky,
And dreams of people even more high!
Life here is just ecstatic,
I guess this is how it feels to live in a real democratic!!
Hope you all liked it!! 🙂
Featured Image: Bandra Worli Sea Link, Mumbai
Image Source: Google

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